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Privacy Policy

Homey is honored to visit you on its website and based on our keenness to follow the principle of transparency and consolidate our relationship with our customers and visitors, we would like to inform you of the terms of our privacy policy, which means your browsing of the site’s sections and your tacit agreement to them and the following terms of use mentioned.

First of all, Homey confirms that it does not practice any form of collecting information about website surfers without their desire, but rather relies only on the data that customers provide us with their knowledge and full will, and we are committed to an ethical motive first and professional second to maintain the confidentiality of the data provided to us and protect it and not share it With any third parties.

The host server records some data automatically when accessing the website, which is a common and universally recognized thing for all websites available on the Internet, this data includes:

The policy of preservation and protection of personal data:

We indicated in advance that the homepage does not collect any information about the visitor except that which is provided to us directly, such as the contact information that is requested when registering for mailing newsletters or correspondence with us and communicating with our consultants, and that we are committed to this information and data with the following:

Purpose and goal:

By collecting data that is provided to us with the knowledge and will of our customers, we aim to:

It is worth noting that the homey site may include a group of external links that lead to other sites, and we point out here that the privacy policy followed by these sites is their own and outside the scope of our responsibility, so we advise our honorable visitors to kindly review the privacy policy of those sites before continuing with Browse it.

Homey reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the privacy policy followed by it if required, with announcing these modifications - if any - and always informing customers about any data collected, the means for using it and its purpose, in addition to adhering to the general principle and the main pillar on which our policy is based - Explicit and clear - it is to protect the confidentiality and privacy of any data we provide for any reason.

If our distinguished visitors have any inquiries or questions about the privacy policy or any of our services, please contact us through the "Contact Us" options available on the site. You can also contact us via our e-mail: [email protected]